Time And Space

Time and Space

We sat by the sea, The familiar wind, sand, sea, How much have things changed, Can you believe it? It’s been more than a decade since we first met As kids?

A touch here, a touch there, I brushed her hair, Sparks flew, Unsaid words were spoken, Driven by the passions of the young, Time - only when scarce, Do you take action?

Those few days, Those few moments I was devoid of my worries And demons. But they are coming back now, Coming back to take me to That Dark place, To which I’m no stranger.

I watched her leave, I’ve watched too many leave And I ask myself, Why am I still here?

Can I still feel? I close my eyes, Drift into the unconscious, To the simpler times. Till next time, My friend. I’m still here.

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.