(Not really lol)

Back to learning and upskilling. I knew that I’ve always had a keen eye for design - I could make decent design choices and easily pick out bad designs from good. I realized that is a skill not many have. I beleive more products in the future will compete purely on design rather than functionality. It is easy to build functionality at this point.

Anyhow, I just downloaded Figma and started following along a course on YouTube. The amount of free knowledge online never ceases to surprise me. I learnt how to use Figma from a designer’s perspective, it is so powerful! Such a neat tool. I built some screens for a basic mobile app. It is so basic and probably very simplistic but that doesn’t matter, for now at atleast. It made me appreciate the kind of effort put in by product designers and how many choices they have to make for each and every screen.


Maybe next time I’d design a dashboard.